Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Responsible Corporate Governance Ayuso and Argandona (2007) Assignment

Responsible Corporate Governance Ayuso and Argandona (2007) - Assignment Example Evaluation criteria marking are marked on a scale of 0-10 where 9-10 is excellent, 7-8.9 is notable, 5-6.9 is passed and 0-4.9 failed. Coca-cola Company has been awarded 9 in the scale of marking criteria due to its global market existence and recognition. Coca-cola has established its roots in many countries in almost all the continents. Coca-cola has most consumers and recognition compared to most of the existing soft drinks globally. The company has created great employment opportunities due to its establishment in many countries. 1. Evaluation criteria marking assist an organization to know its category and performance according to the provided scale. This will help a company to set objectives on how to improve or maintain their position. 1. Companies which find out that they are marked high on the scale may embrace laxity tending to maintain their daily practices while modern methods of management emerge on daily basis. This may have a negative impact in future. Coca-cola company is a global manufacturer and retailer of beverage based in Georgia, united states. The coca-cola company comprises many brands and products but the core product is the coca-cola drink. Various types of media are used in order to advertise the coca-cola brand in general and coca-cola drink in particular. These types of media include visual and published media. This has helped the brand to reach global markets which is considered as a huge success. The company aims at profit maximization and all efforts of the company are directed towards the achievement of this primary objective. The company has been able to expand its roots in various countries. The companies have their specific objective which one of them is to create awareness of the product to each and every person thus resulting to great sales of the product. This is the selection of different ways used for the evaluation process. Evaluation

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